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Marius No.1

DJ Marius No.1 is the operator and A&R of the Chiefrocker underground hip hop record label and is a hip hop producer of the first hour. Oldschool, if that's what you want to call it, having been Hamburg's first hip hop club's resident Dj in 1988.

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or read about DUBIUS, Marius No.1's Dubstep projekt.
DJ Marius No.1


12Finger Dan and B-Base are two real funkateers, soullovers, produzenten, vinyl junkies and Hip Hop activists. Their love for Hip Hop and black music from the 70ties made them start their hamburg based Soulbrotha project. In times of bling bling and sellout Soulbrotha present their favorite vinyl gems without gimmicks and proove that there can be a good party with real Hip Hop too.

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Novoxxx the unreleasable


Novoxxx is a producer and sound nerd with tendencies to the very unusual. Straight from Eastern Europe Novoxxx is dedicated to synthesis of sound and programming of hardware. Novoxxx has helped out as a mixing engineer on several Marius No.1 productions and has so considerably contributed to the Chiefrocker Sound we all know.

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Novoxxx the unreleasable

Skunk Funk

Skunk Funk have been a three man hip hop crew from Hamburg, being the rappers 'Reimagent' and 'Knauf Kinski', as well as their DJ,
'Dj exl. Pauli', who also produces the major part of their music. 'This band has been right on the pulse of hip hop, as if it were their sweat band!' according to 'Absturz City'. Read all about Skunk Funk here.
Skunk Funk